Protecting Your Assets

What an incredible story of defiance and carelessness. On one side you have the team that can do no wrong, always plays hard and wins. Wins the right way. Yet for every story of competition, and the search of triumph, there will always be that one person who pushes the envelope way too far.

Case in point? The St. Louis Cardinals Baseball Club. In an article from the LA Times Bill Plaschke raises an important question. How safe are your assets?

Now you may ask, what does St. Louis baseball have to do with my financial future? The answer is simple, how safe are you? Have you updated your passwords lately? Have you done enough to deter people from trying to take your hard work for their selfish reasons?

We understand that the things you value are more than just your money. Your name is important subsequently, our reputation is paramount.

We invite you to change your passwords, create a list of backup email addresses and monitor your web presence. Diligence is always the first line of defense. The other is pairing up with talented individuals who have your overall safety in mind.

A great way to protect yourself is Privacy Armor*, a revolutionary service that several Fortune 500 Companies use and give as a benefit to their employees. Privacy Armor protects your identity and sensitive information in an effort to safe keep your most important asset, your identity.

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*We have arranged a free trial of Privacy Armor by clicking here: Free 30 Day Trial

PS. If you become a client of Privacy Armor, we have special arrangement with them to ensure that all profits we receive, post minor administrative fees, benefit the following charities.,, and Wacky Warriors

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