Helping Those In Need

Many of you contribute money to your church, synagogue, and favorite charities. The question here is: Are you maximizing your output?

A significant number of the charities in the area are in need of an extra pair of hands- extra good help. Have you thought about giving of your time as well as your money?

If you are already doing so, great! If you don’t feel like you can make the commitment, no problem!

We want to encourage you to live your life adding experience-based assets to your legacy. There is a lot of value in spending a few hours at the library, helping kids learn how to read, enriching our community, or a few hours of any community service to help those less fortunate. These experiences you have will be passed to your children and grandchildren as examples, and further benefit generations to come.

The gift of giving, whether it is your time or money, not only benefits the recipients, but you and your family as well. The reward of positively impacting another person who has a need can provide several times the positive impact to your own family.

It’s amazing how gratitude within a family’s younger generation multiplies, and traces of entitlement disappear, when those who watch our behavior see us giving.

Share with us how you are volunteering. Also, if you know a charity that could benefit from some help, we get calls from those who are looking to volunteer for an organization. Who should we be referring them to?

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