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Not just a slogan, it’s truly what we believe in. Often times people that I talk to ask me: “Steve, I am already working with a Financial Adviser, why should I stop and look at your offerings?” The answer is simple: “Get a second opinion.”

This past weekend the Seattle Times featured an article about consumerism and how it starts earlier and earlier now. The article was advising parents on how to prepare their kids for this phenomenon. As much as I applaud the Seattle Times for attempting to give advice, a cookie cutter approach with a wide spread audience is not how the grandparents and parents we serve want their legacy coached.

I believe that our clients want their own values integrated in the way they communicate in preparing younger family members for their lives ahead. This is one of the many reasons, we take a Values based approach creating what we have leaned is called an Empowered Wealth Environment. An environment where kids grow up understanding gratitude vs entitlement, and that there are several areas in our lives that are more important or valuable as assets than money or “financial assets.”

Financial health is important to all of our clients, not just the ones who feel they need to prepare to sustain a lifestyle they have grown accustomed to. In addition, without preserving other types of assets, the financial assets become less meaningful. What makes me different than most other advisors is simple; our fiduciary and values based approach and of course, my team and I do right by you!

From our client workshops to appreciation events, we have one goal in mind. Help you get to a place where you have satisfied your peace of mind on where you are headed, financially. Much like a second opinion from a doctor in regards to a surgery that can either “Get you back on your feet or get you back to running” the difference has an impact on your quality of life.

You don’t just want to coast by, you want to live life. You have worked hard, were financially responsible and invested wisely. We are a team of financial planning and wealth preservation specialist.  What this means to you is that I help you plan, and I help you conserve and grow.

It’s now the end of May. With tax season now being over you are probably left wondering, “what’s next?”  In your order of business in the coming months, I’d like to invite you to make an appointment with either myself or Kevin Williams, our qualified associate adviser and relationship manager; in order to understand where you stand and where you are headed with optimizing your wealth. Together lets find the right plan for you and your future.

With Gratitude,

Steve Goldbloom

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