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You may know that I am a huge proponent of lifelong learning and that I continue to invest significantly in my own academic and personal growth each year. I find value in discovering and applying tools that help me improve my life, and therefore the lives of my family. This increased knowledge and awareness naturally impacts the lives of my clients, and hopefully extends on to their families.

In our meetings together we have likely discussed there are different kinds of wealth (financial wealth being only one of several types) which is what drives the values based financial planning process provided at Goldbloom Wealth Management, LLC.

The concept of different types of wealth is something that resonates with one of my long time mentors and friend, Lee Brower, who has studied this during several decades of his serving the highly affluent.

Lee is the founder of Empowered Wealth, a practice my family and I have embraced and found it has great value. I have recently earned a certification as an Empowered Wealth Ambassador so I can help my clients have the experience my family and team at GWM are already exposed to.

For the past few years I have actively applied tools like Positive Focus (featured in the video below) to my every-day life. I would like to share this concept directly through Lee Brower in this video, who among his accomplishments is nationally renowned as an advisor. It is clear to me these concepts apply to all people, just like any universal truth.

Hope you enjoy, and I recommend you implement Positive Focus immediately for your own benefit and the benefit of all you touch.

With Gratitude, Steve

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