Today marks the 13th anniversary of an event in our history that I look back on with reverence for those who were lost and with immense gratitude for the lives that were spared, including my own. Along with most Americans, I remember where I was when I heard the news of the terrorist attacks and how amazingly lucky I was not to be in that building on that day.

During that time I was living in New York, about 45 minutes from Manhattan.  At 7:37am on the morning of September 11th, 2001 I received the e-mail below, canceling my 9:00am meeting at the World Trade Center that very day.


As the morning continued I watched in disbelief at the horror that had stricken the place I had intended to be. I was filled with sorrow but also with gratitude that I had the privilege of seeing my family another day.

Though this day is one that is dark in our nation’s history, it is a reminder to me that our everyday simple blessing of life should not be taken for granted. I hope to leave you with that sentiment on this day especially.

With Gratitude, Steve Goldbloom





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